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František Král, organic s.r.o.

Lidická 3498/142

690 03 Břeclav

Czech Republic

Mobile: +420 774 794 080





Organic farming

State certified mark for products of organic farming is called BIO. Such marked products come from agriculture, which fulfil strict organic farming law regulation, and EU Council regulation no. 2098/1992 EHS. Fulfilment of criteria for such certification is guaranteed by an independent certifying organization (such as Biokont, Abedcert, Kez), with a supplementary regulation of state bodies and accreditation institutions such as Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s.

As opposed to conventional agriculture in organic farming we do not use synthetic chemicals. We grow the least breeded plants, which are naturally resistant against various diseases. We fertilize the land with natural and legal resources only.

For a product to gain a BIO mark it must grow in a land, which was treated by non-chemical way for at least two years. Storage and distribution of products is again strictly monitored. Traditional disinfection resources cannot be used in storage houses, and transportation companies must carry a certificate of ecological regulations.

Annual inspections by our certifying organization, as well as state governing bodies, do grant a full control on all our organic production.

Organic farming cares for soil fertility and land quality as well as for clean plants